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James Gill at Leeds Festival

A very big thanks


About him/me
I'll tell you what, I definitely didn't write this bit. Ha ha ha. No way. No siree, bub. Wouldn't do it. It's arrogant. So let's pretend someone else did.
James is resident MC at Always Be Comedy and also MCs elsewhere, thank you very much. Want to book him as an MC? Course you do. Click here. Want to see a video of him MCing? You're in luck. Here you go.
James (still pretending it's not me writing this) is also co-star of occasionally moderately successful improvised web series The Shed Show, with chums Tony MacMurray, Stuart Keeping and the man who carries the whole shebang, CassetteBoy. 
He also sometimes gets to interview his comedy heroes, such as Bill Burr. 
He used to do stand-up but now strictly MCs (in the same way that Jon Bon Jovi used to do a spot of acting before realising that he should probably stick to the guitar).
He/I recently finished warm-up work on Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment, The John Bishop Show, and more!
Other than that he/I loves/love you very much. Thanks for stopping by. He has his own site here.
Namaste. X


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